In many markets, sales managers have become increasingly aggressive in promising client interviews on the air. And man, they can kill a show.

The situation is bad in some stations. In order to justify an advertising buy, clients who have no on-air skill at all are getting guest slots. Many times it happens in prime time. And if it gets the decision maker to “yes, many account executives are agreeing to the appearance before even discussing it with programming.

There are a lot of things wrong with this scenario, but this article can’t solve internal problems. So let’s just assume that if you’ve read this far, it’s an issue at your station.

In the interest of making lemonade from lemons, let’s attack this issue by establishing some ground rules that programmers and personalities can live with. It will help at least minimize the damage, and may even help keep some of those show killers off the air.

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How To Manage Client Interviews

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