There’s no denying the fact that over the years, radio has become less important to the audience. Part of it is unavoidable. There are more entertainment sources. But some of it has been self-inflicted. One of the biggest reasons is radio personalities have lost the ability to perform with the conscience of the listener.

In the Content Superhero series of seminars, I explain how a slow pace kills breaks. Forward momentum is critical.  This is point #3 in the first Content Superhero seminar on demand What Causes Tune Out. And it’s at the heart of the concept of performing with the conscience of the listener.

It seems obvious, but tune out is the biggest cause of ratings loss. If we could avoid sending listeners to the scan button, shares would increase. The problem is that most broadcasters don’t usually appreciate how serious this can be. How about this: Air personalties lose up to 40% (and often more) of their audience in just a couple of minutes by violating the six common causes of tune out.

Protecting against tune out is simple. Every personality should develop the ability to manage the flow of content with a sense of how the audience is hearing the content.

Conscience of the Listener? What’s That?

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