One of the strongest recommendations for virtually all radio stations with personalities is to drop the news. At least, news as it’s typically presented. Reading a story that’s more likely to be read in print than read on the air is terribly boring. It drives away listeners. Instead, we recommend radio stations ditch the facts and instead tell more stories.

The number of listeners tuning in to be updated on news is finite. That means limited, which is kind of code for incredibly small. Those seeking news have a place to get that fix. Television, all-news stations and an endless supply of online sources provide constant updates in real time.

Great stories, however, never run out of ears. And when those stories are on topics relevant to the audience’s lives today, the stories resonate and hold listeners.

So what does that mean to you, the personality, or programmer? Or news presenter? Air personality? How about you, the storyteller? This advice applies to all of you.

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Ditch the facts. Information makes for horrible stories. Facts are simply where a story begins.

As a storyteller, the challenge is to interpret information and details, then put it into an interesting context.

How to Ditch The Facts


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