It seems that the radio industry has awakened to the reality that the generation called millennials is large, valuable and mysterious. It’s true. Nobody will argue that they’ll fade away or lose influence. They’re here to stay. But what can be done to excite millennials about radio?

Most studies about this group of interesting folks indicate that there’s not much that will excite millennials enough to be attracted to the radio. While  the clock is ticking on our industry to make meaningful changes or risk losing anyone under 40, all is not lost.

Wait a minute. Anyone under 40? Millennials, right? That’s right. Anyone under 40! In the next few years, millennials will make up the bulk of that 25-54 demographic radio managers hold so dear.

And they’re not going to change. Why would they? No generation before has changed as they age. As previous generations age, they don’t give up the choices of hundreds of TV channels for ABC, CBS and NBC. So why would millennials suddenly “discover” radio?

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They won’t, unless we earn their trust and loyalty now.

In a series of focus groups with 18-34 year olds, I looked for clues on what radio could do to attract and excite millennials. The results were interesting. And, if we respond appropriately, it’s exciting.

It’s up to us to adjust. And the changes need to be bold and swift. Here are a few things to consider:

How to Excite Millennials: Be Authentic

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