A good radio tease is one of the most powerful weapons personalities can use to lead listeners to additional tune in occasions. Some personalities are shy about teasing, thinking it’s hype. Or over-promotion. Or self-serving. It can be, of course. And it is self-serving. We want those listeners to tune in more, right? But think of a radio tease as a highway sign.

If you’ve driven on a highway in an unfamiliar area with a gas gauge creeping toward empty and an empty stomach growling from hunger, you start paying very close attention to signs. What’s off that next exit? How far to the next rest area? Where can I get a hotel for the night?

The signs are ads, of course, enticing consumers to visit their business and leave some money behind. It’s self-serving to the business. But those highway signs also provide a service. If I need to fill up my tank with gas, they’re doing me a favor by telling me where to get it.

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Most highway signs have a clear, short value message: Happy Meals $2.99. The Best Milk Shakes in Arizona! Clean Restrooms! After all, the car is moving fast and the driver doesn’t have much time to pay attention to the message!

And, they are specific about how to find them: This Exit, turn left! Exit #3 in 7 miles!

Signs provide just enough information to make a decision: Open 24 hours! Always Open! Fresh Coffee Brewed Every 20 Minutes!

A Radio Tease Is Like a Highway Sign

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