Most personalities don’t think about promoting tomorrow’s show that much. Most of their attention is spent trying to get listeners to stay tuned in now, or to convince them to come back in the next few minutes. And that is a priority, for sure. But the horizontal tease is tremendously valuable.

First, let’s define a horizontal tease as opposed to a typical vertical tease. Vertical teases are designed to lure listeners to another tune in occasion during the same time period.

A horizontal tease promotes a specific reason to tune in tomorrow.

One of the basics of successful teasing is understanding how to influence listeners. It’s virtually impossible to cause them to adjust their lifestyle to listen to the radio when it’s not convenient. However, it’s quite possible to attract more tune-in when they are available to listen.

Further, human beings are creatures of habit. Most everyone has a daily routine. We wake up at about the same time, get into traffic at the same time and start work at the same time each day.

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It’s also proven that listeners listen very little, much less than programmers think. They tune in for very short periods of time (usually less than 10 minutes). Of particular importance in the horizontal tease discussion, listeners tune in just 2 or 3 days per week. And that’s not a station’s overall cume. And that’s the P1 audience, first preference listeners.

Do the math and you’ll discover that it’s possible to actually Double Your Ratings just by attracting one more tune in occasion per day and one more day per week. It’s like a magic trick!

Power of The Horizontal Tease

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