Every week, I try to monitor a couple of shows I haven’t heard before. It’s fun to hear new ideas and sometimes discover new talent. Over and over, week after week, one thing stands out. Almost every show has an regular Hollywood Gossip feature. It’s almost like there’s a law that every station must have entertainment reports.

They all present the same information that’s available on virtually every other radio station and countless websites, blogs, Twitter feeds, news stands and television shows.Most of those sources do it bigger, better and faster.

This is not to debate the audience’s appetite for the latest updates from Hollywood.

But it’s rare to hear a contemporary station that doesn’t have this feature on the air. And it really hit home when setting up a new radio show. The host asked matter-of-factly:

Who do you think should do the entertainment report?

As if were just assumed we would have one.

It makes me wonder: Is there a mandate? Is it a condition of license renewal? (I’m kidding, of course.) Or do we just accept it because “that’s what stations do?” Why does it seem that every station must have entertainment reports?

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The Case Against Entertainment Reports


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