Every radio station runs promotional announcements. They rarely count against the commercial inventory, but make no mistake. Listeners hear them as commercials. They are commercials for the radio station or show. And great commercials for a radio station start with great promo copy.

Most radio promos are routine. But they shouldn’t be. Produced promos should be the most exciting thing on the air. Taking  promos from blah to wow can make a big difference.

Let’s dig a little deeper. In addition to being a commercial for the station, promos are stories. A promo is a short story to influence the audience to take action or think lovely thoughts about a brand.

So how should those promos sound? What should be in them? What if a station could master the art of storytelling and writing to cause a positive reaction? Would that be a positive contribution?

Of course it would. But that means radio needs to re-think branding, imaging and promotions. Promos need to go from blah to wow.

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Great Imaging Starts With Great Promo Copy

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