Effective promotion on the air is both art and science. The goal should be to deliver more listening occasions, longer tune in by leading the audience through a segment and expand interest in your content. The 80 – 20 tease is a great tool storytellers use to entice more listening.

Usually we think of a tease as being a short promo. Usually it’s 10-15 seconds of promotion to get listeners interested in something coming up. The 80 – 20 tease turns that concept around.

This 80-20 concept is often applied to business models, marketing plans and even audience composition theories. Typically, it means that 80% of business comes from 20% of the customer base. In radio, it may be more of a 90/10 rule.

In promoting content, the 80 – 20 tease means simply this:

Provide most of the story. Almost everything. but leave out the most important part: the end. Tempt the audience just enough so they HAVE to hear the juicy details.

If a comedian gave the setup to a great joke, but left out the punchline, promising it is coming up, it would drive you crazy. And likely make you stay with him or her to hear how the story ends. This is the same concept.

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Teasing is about leading the audience to feel they have to stay tuned, or at least, come back!

But teases are not just short promos to trick listeners into listening longer. They are also content, designed to lead them into wanting to listen longer.

How To Apply The 80 – 20 Tease

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