Interviews can be terrific, or a nightmare, and the difference is usually making sure you’re prepared well in advance. This is especially true for live in-studio guests.

Interviewing guests can raise the perceived popularity of your show, but they can also be a important source for marketing when handled correctly.

First, make sure the guest is worthwhile, and has something to say. There’s nothing you can do to improve a bad idea! So make sure they pass this guest test.

After working in the radio broadcast industry for over 20 years, first as a producer and Lenny B. has a ton of experience in managing guests. As the executive producer overseeing several major market morning shows in San Diego, he shares some key lessons.

Here is Lenny’s 8-point checklist for great guest experiences. Follow these essential tasks and  chances are you’ll have a successful, effective, and compelling visit.

In-Studio Guests #1: The Experience

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