Radio stations are at war, and enemies are everywhere. They surround you, all competing for the attention of the same audience you’re hoping to attract. To win the war, radio stations must engage in verbal combat.

And promos are the weapon that can turn you into a lean, clean fighting machine.

Promos can make a big difference in the battle for listener attention. In fact, a strategy to create commercials for the radio station is more effective than any external marketing.

Here’s why:

Advertisers pay a lot of money to deliver messages to your audience, and many (probably most) of those listeners have no interest in their brand or product.

But ALL listeners tuned in have at least SOME interest in what you’re doing. 100% of the audience hearing a promo is a candidate to be affected positively by the promo.

And second, most of the audience tuned in at any given time does not listen in other time slots. That seems shocking at first, doesn’t it.

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But it’s true. Check it out.

The Ratings 

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