Inserting audio into an information segment can be a tremendous tool to make content come alive. When news audio drops accent a story, it adds pace, momentum and interest to a story, as long as the audio is complementary.

Audio is a great storytelling tool. Sound can stimulate imagination when the artist (storyteller) uses it properly. And every single broadcaster is a storyteller. That even goes for the crustiest, most traditional news reader.

In many cases, news personalities seem to consider themselves journalists first, placing more importance on transferring information than on the techniques that make their information heard.

As such, they fail to apply techniques that can facilitates real communication.

Using audio more creatively and with purpose can be a great tool, as long as it’s applied with creativity.

Whether you’re preparing a Hollywood News feature, sports report or newscast, here are tips to use audio in information features properly.

Using News Audio Drops Properly