One of the benefits of a great content recycling strategy is maintaining a consistent sound every day, even when personalities are on vacation. Many programmers believe in the strategy of moving another talent into the morning show. That is valid for talk or sports talk stations that rely on up to the minute, breaking news. But for most, I prefer to air Best Of Shows.

I used to have a running joke with air personalities that the better they got on the air, the less vacation they received, because we couldn’t afford for them to be gone! It’s actually true, but with some creativity, you can still sound great, even when talent is on vacation.

In fact, many times the show will sound better when they’re gone. What? How can that be? Ratings data indicates that when recorded Best Of Shows air, listenership declines. Doesn’t it?

Yes, but only when it’s programmed so listeners can tell it’s a rerun.

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It’s always a challenge to program radio shows when the schedule I disrupted, and there are several philosophies.

How should radio station be programmed during vacations and days off?

There are no perfect solutions. Every situation is different. But start with this: Whenever a show sounds different, it’s always a short-term negative. Vacations are short-term. So replacing personalities when talent is away is a programming negative.

Now let’s explore the details for programming Best Of Shows.

Basic Rules For Best Of Shows

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