Some personalities are better storytellers than others. But everyone becomes a better storyteller when they have help from an enthusiastic and supportive audience. That’s why it’s important to be a good partner and help a cohost tell their story.

Part of being a story helper is just staying out of the way. Many times, multi-cast shows interrupt or introduce comments that take the story off it’s path. This can make it hard for the storyteller to stay focused on the direction.

But neither should a partner shut down and just listen. It’s fairly common for cohosts to take an attitude of, “It’s not my story, so I am not involved.” Their body language makes it hard to perform.

To help a cohost tell a story, apply the skills from improv. Improv is all about teamwork. The goal is to produce great moments for the audience by setting up partners in performance.

Teams are trained to participate actively by paying close attention and responding in the moment.

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How To Help a Cohost

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