In the past, scarcity drove radio usage. There wasn’t that much to listen to. That was great news for radio broadcasters because it was easy to attract audiences. With fewer entertainment sources competing for attention, the choices were Radio Station A or Radio Station B. But times have changed. Attention is the new scarcity. And if we want to maintain and grow audiences, we must learn to hijack audience attention.

Everyone is trying to stand out. Think about how you use media in your personal life. You’re multi-tasking. You watch the DVR while checking a Facebook feed, texting a friend and checking your favorite team’s score.

Attention is divided. And the more divided it is, the more valuable it becomes. It’s often been said that radio is free. It’s not. Listeners pay for radio with their attention. And that attention is a precious thing.

Radio Must Learn to Hijack Audience Attention

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