Question for Ask The Experts: I have invested 20+ years in the radio industry but lately I’m struggling to enjoy something that once was my passion. How can I stay passionate about radio with the industry in its current state?

Answer: You’re not alone. A lot of veteran radio pros are struggling with the budget cuts, downsizing, and “doom and gloom” that has crept up in the past few years. It’s never a good idea to bury your head in the sand and pretend radical changes are not happening, but at the same time, changes create opportunity.

If I had $1 for every time a personality has told me they still love radio, but “radio doesn’t love me back”, I’d be able to retire!

But the radio industry has always faced dramatic change. First, it was television, telling the same stories, but with pictures. Then, FM radio attacked AM radio and everyone thought AM was going to die (this was in the 70s). With every new technology (cassettes, portable players, MTV, CDs, Satellite Radio, online streaming, The iPod, podcasting, and now AI, the radio industry has been challenged. Yet here we are. It’s different and will continue to evolve as the world changes.

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The question is how we will all react to it.

How To Stay Passionate About Radio


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