As a talent coach, I’ve learned to be very specific and thorough when working with air talent. Part of the reason is that we often provide instruction and advice without regard to how that information is heard or interpreted. For example, when it’s suggested that a personality needs to improve energy, here’s what usually happens on the next show:

  • They talk louder.
  • They talk faster.
  • An upbeat, drum-heavy rhythmic music bed is added to the background.

None of these add enthusiasm or improve energy to a break. And all of them get in the way of personality and communication. Momentum and energy are much more complicated, and it’s important to spend the time to make breaks better while also making them faster.

Forward momentum has nothing to do with talking faster or louder. Yet, all personalities go through phases where this is a problem. It’s even more common for solo shows. But it can be fixed.

6 Ways To Improve Energy On The Air

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