Imagine a new restaurant has opened. You’re interested in trying it out, at least enough to call and make a reservation.
On Wednesday, you call and get a busy signal. Okay, that’s a good sign. It’s popular. So you try again 30 minutes later, it’s busy again. Interesting.
Another call on Thursday is encouraging. It’s ringing. And ringing. And ringing. Nobody picks up. Maybe it’s the wrong number. So you look it up and try again. Same result.
If you really, really want to try the restaurant, you may give it one more chance. So on Friday, you call and get voicemail. You leave a  message and the pleasant voice promises to get back to you shortly. But nobody does.
How many times does a person try to engage with a brand before they give up because it’s not worth the time and effort?
Yet that’s what hundreds-maybe thousands-of radio stations are doing daily. That’s why your station should hire a phone screener.

Why You Need to Hire a Phone Screener