Every personality-oriented radio show interacting with listeners on-air should hire a phone screener. It’s one of the most critical (and most overlooked) roles for a show.

Imagine a new restaurant has opened, and you’re interested in trying it for the first time and call to make a reservation. On Wednesday, you get a busy signal. 30 minutes later, it’s busy again. Interesting. Another call on Thursday is encouraging because it rings. And rings. And rings. Nobody picks up. Maybe it’s the wrong number. You check the number and try again, but it’s the same result.

On Friday, you give them one more chance, make the call, and get a voicemail. You leave a message, and a pleasant voice promises to reply shortly. But nobody does.

How often will a person attempt to engage with a brand before giving up because it’s not worth the time and effort? Yet that’s what many radio stations do each day. It’s horrible customer service.

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Hire a Phone Screener!


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