It drives listeners crazy when you waste their time. They love it when you entertain them. But when you cram 3 minutes of content into a 7 minute break, there’s one solution: Its’ the art of the EDIT.

Usually we think of editing content as being mechanical and technical. And it can be, but it’s not purely scientific.

Editing is at least as much art as it is science. It’s the same for books, magazines, newspapers, television, sales people, phone calls, text messages, emails, church services, advertising and everything else in life.

Editing is about making content more effective. It’s not designed to make the content shorter. It’s to make it better.

Nobody goes to the concert to see a long show. They come for a great show. And, as Seth Godin says,

Nobody will ever complain that the church service was too short or the movie was too short. Almost everything gets better when it gets shorter.

It happens in your own life eery single day. Admit it. You start tuning out even your best friend when they take too long to tell you about their problems.

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The Art of  the Edit


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