Before a radio personality can be known for something, she must know herself. And knowing yourself on the air demands a clear picture of your personality brand. To build a strong personality brand, you must find your character voice.

An entire module of my Audience Magnet course is devoted to identifying and developing on-air character traits based on your real life personality traits. This is the same process I use with consulting clients early in the process. This exercise is key to help talent build a unique personality brand.

I also offer on-demand training for the process of building a profile in my seminar on demand Build a 5 Star Character Brand. It shows exactly how to build your own profile step by step, and includes all the tools and templates to build a profile.

The Character Brand process is a fun exercise, and almost always leads personalities to a thorough understanding of how to perform in their own character voice. But some of you may not have the time, tools and resources. So here’s a shortcut to point you in the right direction.

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Easy Exercise to Find Character Voice

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