You know the feeling. You should be wrapping up a break, yet are wandering aimlessly, desperate for closure. Searching for that exit. It’s not that you don’t want to end the break. You just aren’t sure how to end it! So instead, it keeps going. And going. Then, all at once, you realize it’s going in circles. What if there was a technique to fix that? There is. If you got game. In fact, there’s a game for that.

Extended breaks searching for an ending are like being lost in the desert looking for an oasis. You just keep on going in an endless sandstorm hoping to stumble on something that makes it all better. It’s nerve-wracking and it’s rarely good radio.

This happens on a radio show when personalities don’t “have game”. Yeah, that’s right. Now that’s not a massive insult. Read further. It may sound trite, but “finding the game” is an improv technique.

Do you know how to play the game?

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Who’s Got Game?

Hey, Sorry!

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