What is the most important trait of an air personality? Probably being funny, but being likable is a very close second. In fact, likable personalities are generally seen as being funny. Or at leas having a good sense of humor.

But genuinely likable personalities are rare. A spirit of likability transcends everything else. And likable people have a good nature. It’s something listeners can feel.

That’s also the spirit of improvisation that allows performers to make the audience feel good, smile and laugh.

Keith Johnstone says it best when talking about the spirit of improvisation. Johnstone says improv is:

An Exhibition Of Good Nature.

Johnstone is the author of IMPRO: Improvisation and the Theater. This book is considered by many improvisers to be the gospel. I highly recommend it. In fact, I would go so far as to say, Keith Johnstone is kind of The Godfather of improv. You might say Johnstone is the improv whisperer.

The book is a great read if you’re interested in theater, but has applications far beyond that. It has something for everyone in a position of influence or persuasion. That includes sales, teachers and yes, even radio personalities. The book cultivates the creative power of a child to help adults capture the power of performance. You should get it.

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The Spirit of Improvisation: Good Nature

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