Nothing beats funny on the air. That’s a fact. It’s proven. But funny is an odd thing. You don’t have to have a funny line to be funny. And you don’t have to be a funny person to have a funny show.

There’s no doubt that making listeners laugh is the single most important aspect of a radio show. The audience uses the radio to escape from their ordinary lives and feel good. And nothing is more valuable than being truly funny on the air.

Nearly every perceptual research project and focus group in virtually every market and every format verifies this information. The best radio shows have one thing in common: The most important thing is to make listeners laugh.

Check out this word cloud from a research project conducted by Strategic Solutions Research. This represents the actual responses of listeners when asked,

What is most important to you when choosing a radio show in the morning?


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That’s pretty clear.

This is why being funny is the top priority of my GIFS system of creating a recipe for success (G=Game, I=Information, F=Funny, S=Story).

The Problem With Finding a Truly Funny Show

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