Anyone who has performed with a team of improvisational actors will appreciate the timing and skill in responding spontaneously to one another. The good groups work as a team to take advantage of everything that happens on stage. Their performance skills are developed with training, experience and a series of fun improv games.

I’ve found that the skills that drive improv are tremendous advantages for radio personalities, whether performing on a multi-cast show or a solo show. Getting involved in improv classes is something everyone should do at least once.

For instance, a common problem with multi-personality radio shows is when cohosts shut down the forward momentum of a break with dead end responses that add little or nothing to the content. The skills can be acquired with improvisational games.

There are dozens of improv games, most with several variations that broaden the range of skills of performers and sharpen performance. It’s a fun way to polish some existing talents and add new skills.

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Here are some of my favorite games for on-air talent.

Improv Games For Radio Personalities

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