White-haired Samuel Clemens was recognized for his power of celebrity and personality in establishing and spreading his brand. He was just an author with a down-home brand image. And he may be the key that helps you learn to be funny.

Wait a minute. Who is this Clemens guy, and what station is he on? Why have I never heard of him?

You probably have.

Most importantly, Samuel Clemens recognized what his audience wanted, and kept giving them more, in endless varieties. But you don’t know him as Clemens.

You may recognize him by his celebrity name: Mark Twain.

Actually Mark Twain was equal parts showman, promoter, storyteller and comedian. Funny just followed him around. And by studying some of his traits, it may open a path to discovering how you can be funnier on the air.

Twain authorized his autobiography to be published 100 years after his death. Why? Because during his life, he promoted publicly that the materials were too hot to be published in his lifetime. When it finally came out, the 700 page book became a best-seller.

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That’s promotion.

How can we learn from Mark Twain about being a funny air talent? By studying the skillful showmanship and branding techniques he practiced.

There are at least 7 things about personality radio and finding humor on the air that Mark Twain demonstrated in his life.

Mark Twain Helps You Learn to Be Funny

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