When it comes to building a morning show, most stations start looking for a “silver bullet”. If only we could find an existing morning team that is very successful and already in the market. They are not under contract and want to make a move. Yeah. Good luck with that. Here’s another approach: Start with the producer.

Broadcasters don’t spend nearly as much time, energy, or budget seeking what is often the most essential ingredient in a radio show’s success: The producer! this is often because management doesn’t know how to evaluate producers. They think of it as an entry level position. In reality, Producer is a management job.

Stations spend big bucks on talent and forget about the supporting cast. A good producer can be the difference between a profitable investment in talent and a disaster. In fact, many high profile morning shows have an assistant producer, or two!

Finding an all-star producer is actually more difficult than finding entertaining talent. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s hard to find great shows.

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But once the personalities are in place, you must find a competent producer to unlock their potential. Leaving the air talent to their own devices is like an NFL team signing a red hot quarterback to a new contract and not having any receivers!

The Value of a Producer

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