Writers create stories around a formula that creates a story arc. The goal is to take the reader on a journey, leading therm from chapter to chapter with a compelling story. The process of creating the structure creates a sticky thread weaving through the telling of the story. Building a story arc adds expectation, suspense and texture to the storyline.

The same concepts that work for a novel can be use on the air. A story arc can be found in online marketing, sales pitches, songs, screenplays and movies. It even works for a radio show.

The typical morning show is usually more about moments than stories. Moments are great for gaining attention, but their impact is short-lived.

Adding storylines is simply connecting the bits in a series. Each bit is fine, but when connected each segments leads a listener to hear more!

Some story arcs are small, others are larger. A simple story arc is when a topic stretches across multiple breaks. This is common when executing a feature like Second Date Update. The problem is set up in the first segment and paid off later in the hour.

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But story arcs can be so much more powerful. Let’s explore.

Story Arc Examples


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