Audiences will care about you as long as it relates to them, and not a moment longer.  On the other hand, listeners turn off the moment they think you’re trying to be cool. They don’t relate to people unless they feel a connection, and connections are made when personalities are willing to be vulnerable.

I’ll never forget the focus group in Dallas. I work with DeDe In the Morning, the amazing syndicated show based at K104. We asked an open-ended question of what the audience thinks about DeDe. One respondent said:

I love her. she’s on the same Struggle bus i’m on.

Wow. What a powerful comment. So I asked the respondent to go further. What do you mean by that?

DeDe is amazing. she goes through the same things i do. And I want to be just like her, because she’s a lot like me.

That’s when we knew the show was destined to be great.

Vulnerable Personalities = Powerful Performances