Several times a week, I am on calls offering programming or performance advice that can be summarized in by telling personalities they need to simplify content. We really need to focus content clearly or listeners just don’t ¬†understand what we’re talking about.

It happens in a lot of ways.

Or maybe an air talent starts a topic, but gets distracted and thinks of something in the middle of a break. They take a detour and listeners are lost.

It happens when a personality gives too many details. They take 30 seconds to say something that could be delivered in 10 if they leave out some of the information that isn’t really needed.

Or a commercial goes into excruciating detail on every aspect of a product, brand or service. Listeners can’t possibly remember it all. It becomes overwhelming and they tune it out.

But one of the biggest problems is in promos.

We need to simplify the promos we put on the air.

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Simplify Content For Stronger Results

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