Great on-air storytellers have a plan. They brainstorm, prepare and think about how a storyline will be developed. And they execute with precision, loading it with the right details as they build momentum toward a pay off. When the story is told in multiple segments and across multiple days, it takes even greater artistry. That’s what happened when the Get Up Crew on Hot 96.9 in Boston created an amazing story arc. It captivated listeners and powered social media response for nearly a week.

A story arc is a recurring theme that stretches across multiple breaks or days. It’s incredibly powerful when executed well, as it leads the audience to anticipate what will happen next. That drives tune in. It creates moments that cause listeners to stay in their car to hear how this storyline will turn out.

Listen to what Ramiro, Pebbles and Melissa did with this story.

Hot 96.9’s Amazing Story Arc