A client was struggling with a charity promotion. They were convinced it was a bad idea and would never reach their goals. We dug into the campaign and in the process learned how the choice of words impacts listeners.

The campaign was for a blood drive. They spent hours and hours trying to get the audience to care. They had a goal to reach a certain number of pints. And they even offered an incentive.The first 100 donors would get a free t-shirt. We adjusted the promo and blew past the goal in one afternoon. I’ll tell you what it is at the end of this article.

When radio personalities spend most of their prep time gathering content or trying to coming up with a clever exit, they miss an opportunity to inspire listeners. Choice of words impacts listener behavior as much or more than any other aspect of storytelling.

That’s because words can be either factual or emotional. they can persuade or inform. Words make us feel or cause us to ignore.

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You probably know that intuitively, but there’s proof in how phrases directly influence how a message is received.

Choice of Words And Listener Behavior

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