You’ve probably heard the term, Fake It Til You Make It. I work with clients I coach to to build a deep and rich personality brand profile based on each individual’s real-life character traits.

But after developing the profile, you then have to perform it to build a personality brand. And this is where many personalities get stuck. It’s hard!

Air talent often has difficulty reaching deep enough to search their personal life and translate personality traits into a charismatic, confident brand? Or, what if they lack the experience to demonstrate that character confidently? Is there an interim step that can help bridge the gap until you feel comfortable in your own on-air skin?

Fake it til you make it works. Essentially, it means to create an on-air role for yourself that you can perform. Since it’s based on parts of your real life personality, it should be fairly comfortable. And it works. This is what Beyonce did when launching her solo career.

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After leaving Destiny’s Child, she sensed that her career was about to explode. Her fans expected a sultry, outgoing pop star. But her real-life personality is reserved and shy. She was more comfortable as part of the group. In reality, Beyonce is more traditional than she appeared in public.

As the pressure to be the sexy dancer with an attitude her fans craved, Beyonce became more and more insecure about performing her on-stage personality.

Fake It Til You Make It: Welcome, Sasha Fierce

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