None of you got into radio or come to this site for a science lesson. But like it or note, radio performers can learn a lot from behavioral scientists especially when it comes to preparing content. The science of show prep can help you find a path to great success on the air.

Think about this:

Why does one painting become worth millions while another seemingly similar work sell for pennies on a garage sale?

What is the difference between a best-selling novel and one the author can’t give away to friends and family?

Why does one pop song rise to #1 while another with a great hook never cuts through?

What causes some online videos to go viral while millions of others are seen by only a few dozen?

When you arrive at answers, and while still thinking outside the box, apply it to radio.

Now ask yourself:

Why do some topics take off on the air, igniting strong response and word of mouth, but others do not? Every personality has had that feeling of disappointment when a can’t miss break ends up flat.

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Yet other times, the simplest “so what” segments you never thought would resonate ignite.

In other words, what makes content work…or not? And how can you improve the “hit rate” of what is produced on your show?

The Science Of Show Prep

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