You never know when an opportunity to connect with listeners on an emotional level will present itself. Are you prepared? Being personal on the air by connecting through personal storytelling requires personalities to be vulnerable and personal. And when the moment arises, you must react.

Listeners respond when you are vulnerable and personal. Demonstrating emotions deepens your connection with the audience and forms a bond. This is where great personalities separate themselves from the rest.

Practice Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable isn’t something you can plan or build into your show. It’s not something that can be slotted into a break or planned every two weeks. Vulnerable moments aren’t a feature you lock in.

It’s a natural reaction that you bring to your audience at important times when they count on you most. How do you respond? Do you do anything at all? Or are you confident enough to allow your personality to come through? These are the moments of opportunity to become warm, relatable friends to your listeners.

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Examples of Personalities Being Vulnerable

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