In almost every workshop on storytelling someone claims there’s no way they can practice the storytelling basics because their time is too limited. What? Are you kidding? You don’t have enough time to tell a story? Do you know how many people pay thousands of dollars to tell their story in 15 or 30 or 60 seconds? It’s called commercials. Storytelling isn’t about length. Storytelling can be long or short. The steps of telling stories apply to every single break, regardless of clocks. In fact, I’ll show you how one show has mastered the art of storytelling in two minutes.

If you’re an air talent with tight format restrictions, you may think storytelling in two minutes is impossible. It’s not. Storytelling doesn’t have a time limit or a minimum requirement.

But it’s true that the tighter the restrictions, the greater the need for deeper show prep. President Ronald Reagan was once asked to speak to a group. He agreed, then asked how much time they would give him. The organizers didn’t know yet, but asked him why. Reagan said,

Well, if I have an hour, I’m ready to go now. But if you only give me 10 minutes, I’m going to need quite a lot of time to prepare.

It’s true. And you probably don’t have as much time as you’d like to share your content. That’s where a storyboard can come in handy.

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Storytelling With A Storyboard

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