Every radio show has, a some point, wanted to say something about a topic that they absolutely know would be wrong for their personality brand. And nearly every show has wished they had another voice on the air to play along with them. This is especially true for solo shows. That’s where recurring characters come in. Characters can contribute content and personality that air personalities can’t, or shouldn’t. If they are a local character, even better.

There are many ways to create a local character. Talk host Phil Hendrie is one of the all-time great radio actors. His show featured a roster of characters that interacted with Phil and his callers every day. And Phil was the voice of each character. Check it out. Here’s an example of the Genius of Phil Hendrie:

So as you can hear, characters can be highly entertaining, and funny! But not everyone is Phil Hendrie. How can every radio personality create a character for the show?

How To Develop a Local Character

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