Special programming works. It’s promotable, and stands out. It’s well, special. In an over-communicated world filled with competition for attention, bundling content in easily understood packages is a great strategy. For radio personalities, Theme Weeks fit this model.

There’s a ton of data that shows a big event can be far more attractive to listeners than dripping a good idea over a long period of time. That’s one of the secrets behind releasing an entire season of a popular TV show all at once. It creates a buzz as viewers binge away on a new season of Stranger Things.

In radio, there is clear and convincing evidence that a highly concentrated contest over a short period of time is more effective in attracting tune in than stretching the same amount of prizes over a longer period of time. It creates excitement, and absolutely motivates listeners to take action.

It’s also why Theme Weeks can work for radio shows.

The Value of Theme Weeks