Listeners love eavesdropping on other people’s problems. It’s an escape for them, and it’s a great way to get stories on the air. That’s why relationship features like War of the Roses and Second Date Update are so strong. They provide the structure too tell compelling stories. But the key is building the segments naturally by following the flow of a relationship feature.

But building the story in the feature is often a challenge for even experienced personalities.

As in most segments on the air, success is about the story, not the topic or the name of the feature itself.

A good story builds momentum and moves forward, exploring twists, turns and multiple angles. Without a story to frame it, a segment like this often becomes a simple call-in topic that remains one dimensional, such as “What do you think about teachers dating their student’s parent?”

When you frame the segment with a story, it takes on new life, drama, emotion and passion.

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Flow of a Relationship Feature


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