The key to ratings growth is increasing listening occasions and, as a result, raise Time Spent Listening. You know that branded features are a great tool to drive tune-in occasions. Remember, listening levels are lower than most think. As a result, it only makes sense to create less content and perform it more often with a solid recycling strategy. Put these concepts together, and a winning formula emerges. But what does it sound like on the air when a personality turns a feature topic into multi-break content?

In this article, I’ll discuss how great radio personalities navigate from one break to the next, nurturing an audience while exploring one topic with multiple angles. Including:

  • How to turn a feature into content that runs through multiple breaks…and even hours.
  • How KOST’s Ellen K. expertly navigates a topic without being redundant.
  • The key element of keeping multi-break content fresh for listeners.
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